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Market Garden Commemorative Association

Birmingham & Midlands

A Bridge To The Future

Background & Name

Formerly known as Market Garden Veterans Association, No. 1 Branch, Birmingham. When the parent organisation MGVA closed in 2011 it was, as a result of a proposal originally presented to the AGM by H. Johnson, decided to continue the association under another name. (See above.) The former No. 3 Branch also decided to continue under the name MGCA, Northwest Branch. The two associations, although bearing the same umbrella name, operate independently.

A Bridge To The Future is included to reflect the change made in Holland to focus on moving forward.


The logo has been adapted to reflect the current name. Permission to use the logo was sought from Sylvia Rose / Ard Van Hulst and approved.

To include on stationery the footer explaining Operation Market Garden.

Charity Status

At present the association does not have charity status.

Mission Statement

Anniversaries & Key Dates

It was agreed at the MGVA AGM to accept the proposal by H. Johnson, No.1 Branch, to have an annual remembrance at the MGVA Avenue at the National Memorial Arboretum, Alrewas, on 17th September at noon, thereby providing opportunity to attend the service in the chapel and then go to the Avenue for 12 o'clock. (In 2011 this was organised by National to take place at 2pm.)

September 18th is the date when the annual Liberation Parade takes place in Eindhoven.

Celebrations take place in May to mark the liberation of Holland.


Membership is open to anyone who subscribes to the Mission Statement and who acts in accordance with those principles.

Membership is open to all, irrespective of age, race, gender, political or religious beliefs with the proviso that they actively support the mission statement.

Members will be aged 16 to vote.

All membership will be at the discretion of the committee.

Membership will be renewed annually.

Membership rests on the payment of any outstanding debts to MGCA.

Membership is open to residents abroad. Costs to reflect current postal charges.

Subscriptions & Charging

There are two categories of membership:Adult (18 years +) Junior (up to 18years).

There will be an initial joining fee of £10 Adult and £5 Junior.

Thereafter there will be an annual subscription of £5 Adult and £1 Junior payable at or by the AGM each year in July.

The year runs from July to July.

Late payments will automatically incur a new joining fee.

Members will be charged £1 per adult, 50p per junior per meeting, Guests may attend by invitation at £1.50 per meeting. There will be a limit of 2 meetings per guest per year, thereafter they will be required to join MGCA.

We will continue to accept Postal Membership for those who are unable to attend. Currently Postal Members are charged an extra £5 per year.

Charges will be subject to review annually and decided at the AGM.


The meetings are bi-monthly (July, September, November, January, March & May) and will take place on the first Thursday of that month at 12noon.

These are informal, social meetings held over lunch. Business to be discussed as appropriate.

Where appropriate other meetings, events and trips may be organised at times other than above.

The AGM will be held in July of each year.

This arrangement will be reviewed annually.

The location for the meetings will be reviewed annually.

As the association is not a veterans or a military organisation there will no longer be a necessity to have an exhortation but the meeting will be opened with a welcome and a toast to 'Absent Friends' or as appropriate.

Whilst apologies are not necessary it is very useful for the Welfare Officer to know if any member of MGCA is ill.

Notes of Committee and General Meetings will be taken by the secretary and distributed to the members. This can be by email or post.

Committee / Officers

  1. President (Non voting, in an advisory capacity only)
  2. Chair
  3. Vice-chair
  4. Treasurer
  5. Secretary
  6. Welfare
  7. Fundraising
  8. Committee member 1
  9. Committee member 2
  10. Committee member 3

The role of President is for the lifetime of the current president only. Thereafter this role will cease and a Committee Member 4 will be added.

The committee will be quorate with 50% + 1 attendance, so for 10 committee members as above, 6 would be required to be present.

Committee numbers will be dependent on membership. The minimum numbers for a committee, and therefore the association, will be 5, these being the Chair, Vice-chair, Treasurer, Secretary + 1. Thereafter the association will either terminate or become a friendship group, holding the same ethos but without the formal structure of having a committee plus banking facilities etc.

In 2011 - 2012 roles have been shared and duplicated in order to facilitate the movement from MGVA to MGCA and to cover domestic circumstances.

Extra-ordinary Meetings

To be called via the Chairman or Secretary as necessary.


The treasurer will keep a financial record of accounts.

The current account is held with Lloyds TSB.

There are three committee members who are authorised to sign cheques. 2 signatures are required for each cheque.

The accounts will be audited annually.

The accounts will be presented annually at the AGM.

Purchases, other than those required by the secretary and welfare officer through petty cash, must be authorised by the Chair.

The secretary and welfare officer will be required to keep an account of petty cash and present them to the auditor annually.

Receipts are required for all purchases and no payment will be made if no receipt presented.

Expenses, including mileage, to be authorised at committee meetings. Travel to and from ordinary meetings at own expense.

Dissolution / Exit Strategy

If membership numbers decrease to the point where a committee can no longer be maintained then the association as a formal organisation must cease.

If the aims and purposes can no longer be upheld then the association as a formal organisation must cease.

The bank account will be closed and any remaining monies will be divided equally and distributed to Groesbeek Museum, Troopaid and Acorns Children's Hospice.

Any equipment and/or supplies may be given to an appropriate charity (as above).

Complaints Procedure

Any complaints must be put in writing and given to the chair or secretary. These will be dealt with at the next committee meeting or sooner should circumstances necessitate.


On the final document an explanation of each committee role will be included for future reference.